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We searched the web to find eco-related events around the world so that we could direct you to effective websites.

The best results were from Eventbrite:

The Planet Friendly aims to bring people together over ideas that matter all around the globe!:

If you want to host your own eco-friendly event we have tips on how to throw a party that doesn’t end up with a bunch of garbage strewn around your venue:

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Also, did you know that latex balloons are 100% biodegradable?


Oil/grease is one of the worst contaminates in the paper recycling process because paper recycling undergoes a heat process, gets mixed with water and pulverized to paper pulp to make recycled paper. If there is oil in the paper pulp mixture then the paper ends up having spots and holes.

About three years ago we wrote about the fact that many corrugated cardboard pizza boxes are recyclable if and only if they are clean. You can read about the pizza box recycling debate here.

We hope that by spreading the word about this and providing you with some visuals about the seriousness of ruining entire batches of recycling because you didn’t know that oil soaked cardboard shouldn’t be recycled in any amount, we can make people aware of this simple point: it might be better to throw that oily box away.

If you still want to recycle that pizza then there are great ways to go about this:

  1. If the top half of the pizza box has no grease on it then feel free to rip that half away from the bottom and recycle the top half!
  2. Share this article with others who could learn a thing or two about how recycled paper is made, trust us, they won’t forget the next time they have an oily pizza box!

Medical-membrane technology was used by Dr. Yuichi Mori to grow agricultural crops with minimized water and soil consumption which he presented at TEDx. Seeing this “hydromembrane”, a gel plastic wrap looking material interestingly enough supports plant growth so that they are safe for consumption.

plant and vegtable imec system is a revolution that allows more food to be produced and hunger to be reduced

A video of Dr. Mori with the Imec membrane and cress that grew from it can be seen here:


waste tracking wastetracking system everyday is earth day

I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.


“Whole Foods Market Inc, Trader Joe’s and other food retailers representing more than 2,000 U.S. stores have vowed not to sell genetically engineered seafood if it is approved in the United States…”

Reuters posted this announcement from the Campaign for Genetically Engineered-Free Seafood in an article by Lisa Baertlein since the U.S. F.D.A seems close to approving genetically engineered salmon from AquaBounty Technologies. A product that they call “AquAdvantage Salmon” would be the first genetically engineered animal for the US’s food supply and it is designed to grow to market size in half of the time that conventional salmon take to grow. This salmon is “essentially Atlantic salmon with a Pacific salmon gene for faster growth and a gene from the eel-like ocean pout that promotes year-round growth.

waste tracking wastetracking system whole foods seafood gmo salmonwaste tracking wastetracking system whole foods seafood

It’s true that many popular foods in the U.S. such as corn cereal, soy milk, and other veggie products are bioengineered but the debate about engineering animals is a hot one. Let us know what you think @wastetracking on Twitter or in the comments here!


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waste tracking green halo systems by greenhalo deforestation in indonesia

Between 2000 to 2012 in Indonesia 16m hectares (roughly the same area as Greece) experienced deforestation. Of that, 38% or 6m hectares was primary forest, the most valuable in terms of carbon and biodiversity.

Corrupt local politicians and army officers have been selling off forest land to be “cleared for palm-oil and paper-pulp plantations, illegal logging and much else”.

This land is usually cleared by burning the forests down, resulting in a thick and deadly haze cloud that travels across the lands which even caused Singapore and Malaysia to have the worst haze ever on record.


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Composting in small areas is a little tricky ( mainly because of the box needed, which can be purchased here: ) but once you have a vermicomposting bin then composting is much easier since the red wigglers involved can migrate away from the compost when they have finished eating. has researched composting with worms extensively and we find this infographic to be really illustrative and it helps make vermicomposting easy!

waste tracking wastetracking recycle gardening sustainable america infographic on composting in an apartment


You can find out more about Sustainable America and donate to their cause here!:

waste tracking wastetracking recycle gardening red wigglers worms to compost in an apartment

Happy composting! Let us know how it turns out.

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I find this video to be inspiring and genius, I think that recyclable paper cups will be widely adopted soon but I’m curious about if Myerscough’s Green Your Cup has patented “technology” that makes it clear that they are “the only game in town”. Best wishes to them as anyone who can help our environment like this we hope succeeds. 50 billion cups in landfills each year is atrocious but I can imagine that’s how much the world produces. Thanks a million for sharing CNN.


Jorge Moreira da Silva, Portugal’s energy and environment minister, told the Guardian: “It isn’t just an energy sector, it’s an industrial sector, an innovation sector and a regional development sector.” Moreira da Silva explained that Portugal has better wind and sun than other countries and so he is trying to make Portugal a key supplier of renewable energy to Europe. He called the cheaper energy combined with the fact that amount of jobs that can be created in Portugal as a result of wind energy a win-win. His plan also strategically sets Europe free from some if not all of the Russian gas that they currently use.

waste tracking wastetracking system portugal scotland wind turbine guardian

Giant wind turbines are now easier to build since they no longer require foundations and they can easily be placed in the deep ocean where the winds are the strongest on the planet. Some call wind turbines in the ocean “floating windfarms” and believe that this method should be used around the world to fuel every country.

The UK currently uses the most offshore windfarms but now, hundreds of millions of dollars have been invested in floating turbine research and development. Besides the fact that floating windfarms can be placed in deep ocean areas, these turbines can also be remotely controlled to move to a site that has the best wind. Morton Eeks has a plan to tow five 6MW turbines to the sea in Scotland as early as 2016.



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waste tracking system apuan alps quarries mine marble carra

In Tuscany there is currently passionate dispute over land-use in the area that famously provided Michelangelo’s marble for David in a region known as the Apuan Alps. The 150 firms that run the quarries are eagerly waiting to see the outcome of the Tuscan regional government’s decision or its “final approval to the plan” this week.

waste tracking system apuan alps quarries mine marble

The Apuan Alps quarries are from classical times and still have traces of the engineers that mined and the Roman artisans who sculpted. Unfortunately, these quarries left scars on the surrounding landscape and entire mountain peaks have been destroyed.

One of the quarry owners and operators was concerned that the Tuscan regional government’s plan is the first step towards closing these quarries. Shutting down the 48 will result in a direct loss of about 5,000 jobs. A spokeswoman for quarry employers said that about 150 employers have agreed to suspend all activity on Monday and Tuesday by barring workers from entering the quarries.

This lock out is being described as “anti-democratic and contemptuous of the rights of works” whereas the regional government is trying to be more responsible for their environmental impact and irreversible devastation.



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